Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Third Party Bookings and why we have yet to begin providing them

Thank you or checking out our weekly blog at Aaron Limousines Ltd.

Today I want to talk to you about 3rd party bookings any why this is a feature that we have not not implemented yet.

When booking your transportation, you often wonder if somehow it will be better with someone booking my ride for me, or me booking a ride for someone in need, maybe a family member, maybe a patient at your office, maybe an intoxicated person at a social event.

I can assure you that the best practice for ride booking and ride sharing is that it i always best for the passenger to book their ride.

At Aaron Limousines Ltd, we always aim to perfect our direct communication methods, and the first line of defense is to have us in touch directly with the passenger. We want to make sure the ride being booked can be accurately deliberated and provided directly to the rider. This will improve our level of service, learn what is needed for a ride, and be able to directly answer any questions a potential passenger might have. If someone is booking the ride for you, simply pick up the phone and let us know who. The less guesswork we have in what the person riding actually wants, the greater our overall level of service can be to you.

Paying for a ride is a different story all together and payment method must be approved by all persons in the deal. The worst case scenario is that the driver charges you cash when you already paid via credit card or vice versa. To keep all inconsistencies at bay, we like to have all parties involved on  the same page. We also need to be directly in contact with the name on any credit card and be sure they get the e-mailed  receipt prior to the day of service

It is always best to try to avoid booking a ride 3rd party all together by picking up your phone yourself and dialing 516-236-5735, it may be the most enjoyable phone experience you ever had!